Fendi DotCom leather shoulder bag Ginger

The name of the new DotCom handbag, from the handbag on the hollow curved dots, the hollow dot is a lock hole, can easily lock the handbag hidden inside a hit color bag! Remove the bag , The dots not only reveal the colorful inside the handbag, vaguely see it is the vast world.

Replica Handbag contains the bag, giving DotCom new life, so that it is not just “one” pieces of ordinary handbags, it can be locked in the handbag, a small space can be stored small objects, but also lightweight demolition, Incarnation dinner when decorating, or work when the shopping bag!

Replica Fendi Handbags

Replica Fendi handbags two years of hot packs constantly, innovative and not too much of the design always make people shines, has been leading the trend. The year before was peekaboo small monster models last year by the way, this year is the latest dotcom. After two years of mini replica tote bag boom, large replica tote bag models widen the shoulder strap back to the people’s vision. This dotcom at first glance is a typical briefcase, but Replica fendi bags in the details of the design will never be disappointing, the handle can be put down hidden, the bag hidden a hit color of the clutch, the positive dots do not Once used to hold the bag, you can also slightly leak the color of the handbag. In addition fendi also colleagues launched the STRAP YOU shoulder strap, put forward the replacement of the shoulder strap can be old replica tote bag new, add a new concept of personalization. So chic, once launched, it became the star bloggers love the new love, the influx of women in the hearts of 2016 most amazing replica tote bag models.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Crisp appearance, so Fendi new DotCom handbags exudes a modern and classic atmosphere; unexpected soft texture, people can not help but want to close, touch. Black, milky white, pigeon gray, brown and light blue, with five colors Fendi DotCom is already gorgeous? That it and Replica Fendi Handbags Strap You bracelet of the color of the collision, but also provoke what kind of inspiration sparks?

Do you still think that Jane is equal to nothing? Fendi dotcom leads you to the novelty of the new fashion! Founder of the body, neat lines, perspective dotted colorful; a metal rivets buckle, a hollow arc card tenon, constitute a detachable touch color clutch, simple and elegant, regardless of shopping, commuting, night Drink, wantonly cross or hand carry, thousands of surface conversion, every moment is put it down. From the delicate lambskin soft and comfortable touch, long and wide chain of straps to give a new life, regardless of shopping, commuter, night drink, wanton oblique or hand carry, every moment is put it down.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Cool and light blue, dancing red and red, capable of black, so excellent Dotcom Click solid color leather models, there is always a correct interpretation of you, Replica Fendi Bags representative of the car suture treatment, to create a unique appearance of ripples like ring, FENDI launched the DOTCOM handbag, which is Silvia Venturini Fendi, FENDI family third generation, is also FENDI female handbag accessories design, once again from the female point of view, combined with the women will be in the women’s Is a practical function and a significant appearance of the selection, to find the perfect balance.

The new Dotcom handbag, shape crisp, modern and classic. Handbag contains a bag with the color of the clutch, can be combined in the handbag can be stored as a small space can be small objects; can also be demolished, become a eye-catching Pretty hand bag, just through the hands of a move, holding the metal rivet on the handbag and the hollow card on the sticks will be the perfect combination or simply removed.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Buckle in the handbag on the bag, from the hollow curved dots exposed with the different colors of the handbag, from the appearance to see, like a lovely Dot dot. This is the source of inspiration for Dotcom handbags. This detachable clutch, given the Dotcom handbag a new life! “Silvia Venturini Fendi mouth with a smile to meet the words. Soft touch, as if the women will be in the workplace on the do anything they want, and the heart, always leave a soft Fang Tian, making Dotcom handbags show a unique charm.

Moderate volume has a great throughput, suitable for all women to use. Handbags contain two spacious zipper area, can be loaded iPad and work files, the other two inside the bag can put mobile phones and credit cards or private small objects …. Handbag with a short handle can be lightweight hand, also when not in use can be completely healed, with the same color fashion wide version of the long shoulder strap, even more pretty sense of free and easy. Dotcom handbags with a series of smooth rounded classic leather material, lined with high quality suede very comfortable touch.